O3P Academy: The difference between Speed, Agility, and Quickness

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Every athlete, especially in sports such as basketball, knows they need to have speed, agility and quickness. However many have gotten confused as to where they differ based on that they are all interrelated concepts. Despite that there are athletes far and between having all three naturally it is key to understand what these concepts are to improve on existing feats to peak on the big stage.

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Speed is the ability to move as fast as possible in a linear direction. Working on speed usually involves sprints or side stepping to lateral speed

Agility is the ability to change direction effectively while moving at a linear speed. Changing direction in sport is key to success and many athletes overlook that having a strong core is the key to balance and stability which allow the body to train and build agility. Good agility drills include cone drills and obstacle courses.

Quickness is the reaction time of the body to make a move of a series of moves. it is the reaction to a unpredictable response in a game. Developing quickness can be achieved while doing speed drills and agility drills

Its important to understand that agility and quickness are applications of speed but can not be viewed as the same or trained the same.Getting training in sport development would provide not just knowledge but a program that would work on all three concepts effectively and safely.

Matthew Lue-Hue
O3P Academy