O3P/Briers basketball travel basketball team in Brantford, Ontario

One on One Pro and Briers basketball have collaborated to create a u15 travel basketball team to give aspiring players the opportunity to experience a teaching style and philosophy to the game that has been successful for 17 year in Toronto. This program will allow players regardless of height to play in their natural positions. The team's style of play will be determined by the skills and strengths of the players not what coaches try to mimic from others. This way players can be confident in what they do best and see for themselves the areas they need to work on most.The team will give the opportunity for players to play basketball in exposure leagues and receive high level training from a PROFESSIONAL coach that is proven with many past players going on to play in post secondary institutions. Practices/training will he 3 times a week with roughly 30 games in the  season. Players will also be taught how recruiting works, and the importance of nutrition, academics in sports and good training habits. This program is for dedicated players who want to push their talent and focus to new heights.  The team runs from October to June as leagues such as Pound the Rock starts in November.

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O3P Elite/All - Stars Travel Team. Mississauga,Ontario

O3P... The Chemical Formula for Greatness

One on One Pro operates the O3P Elite/All-Stars Travel Basketball Team in Mississauga, Ontario. This year-round program will provide O3P athletes the opportunity to play structured, high level basketball where they can showcase their talent and confidence learnt in the O3P training program. This team "simply put" is the preparation to get ready for prep/ college basketball. The philosophy is simple...

Teamwork, Attitude and hard work. O3P uses this philosophy to develop a system that includes a lot of running, self-less, ball moving, hard nosed defense basketball. We want our players to shine so we emphasize hustle, grit and energy which coaches at the next level look for before a player even touches the ball. This, with the addition of properly taught fundamentals and IQ. Players will show coaches their ability to read and react, make plays, be leaders on and off the court and lastly be eager to learn and be coached!

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Leagues subject to play in; Nike league, CYBL, Pound the Rock, OBL and AAU.

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Focusing on u13 and u15 boys teams. more teams to follow for both boys and girls.

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O3P and their Affiliates will act as sponsors to the program, keeping costs low to provide opportunity to more athletes looking to compete.