Intro To Basketball Development

Basketball Coach in Mississauga, ON

O3P offers an Intro To Basketball Clinic for youth ages 4-6 and 7-12. Children are taught how to play basketball and build a foundation of fundamentals skills they will need to develop as players.

Our Intro clinic runs all year and is perfect for youth ballers completely new to the game of basketball. Our goal is to develop their skills and confidence while making the game fun and enjoyable to play. Each clinic focuses on:

  • Shooting (Development of layups, shooting form, and floaters/teardrop shots)
  • Dribbling/Ball Handling (Development of off-hand/strong-hand dribbling, ball control, crossovers etc.)
  • Footwork and Passing (Development of pivoting, stance, defensive posture and movement, different passes)
  • Combinations (Developing how to put these skills together)

Proper fundamental basketball development is key at a young age. As the player gets older, new concepts are taught and many players miss out on important stages in their development. Having a solid foundation at a young age can allow players to focus on building their basketball mind and body progressively so that as a teenager it becomes easier to attract college coaches and scholarships.

The basketball journey starts now.

This video is a sample of what fundamental combination drills look like. O3P athlete, D.J. is 11 years old.

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