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Basketball Training in Mississauga, ON

Our Personalized Skills Development Program is our most popular service. This training is designed to assist those serious, driven basketball players who aspire to take their game to the college, university, or pro level. This service is offered in a private (one on one) or semi-private (up to 3 players) setting. The goal of this program is to develop players to play, and thrive, in their natural position by implementing a system that targets their strengths rather than playing in a position based on their height/size. With the experience of over 15 years in higher level basketball development, we understand how to make athletes stand out among millions of prospects. In order to do this, athletes are taught how to react effectively in various game situations and are taught the proper mindset required in order to read and react to the game.

Playing against high-level competition requires athletes to assert their skills efficiently in order to stand out. This program teaches athletes just how to do that through specific training, targeted critique, and personalized support based on the individual's needs. Starting from ages 6 and up, athletes can choose to train a minimum of once a week, however, for optimal skills development many athletes choose to train on the court several times per week and pair this training with our Performance Training Program in order to maximize results.

In our Personalized Skills Development Program, players receive a comprehensive package that includes the following:

  • Accelerated fundamental skill building
  • Social media branding (building awareness by highlighting your strengths via social media)
  • recruiting insight and/or prep placement.

Players also have access to tutoring services, a sports nutritionist, and chiropractic services on an as needed basis for an additional fee.

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Basketball Development in Mississauga, ON
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