• Keshawn Johnson - Point Guard: Averages 20 points: 7 assists: 6 rebound

    Personalized Sports Training Company in Mississauga, ON

    “Training with Coach Matthew has been the best basketball training that I have endured in the 6 years that I have been playing basketball. My improvement from the time that I started training has been huge... and I just started! We train indoor, outdoor, and in the weight room, you name it and we do it. Not only is coach a great trainer but he is also an amazing person to work with. He is always laughing and smiling, but when it is time to get down to work he knows how to get serious. Training is helping me to increase my game to a higher level in my basketball career. Coach Matthew has opened my eyes to the many roads and possible paths that I can take to achieve my goals. I am really grateful to have found a trainer like Matthew.”

  • Jamal Lewis - Small Forward Averages: 15 points: 11 rebounds: 2 blocks: 2 steals

    Sports Training Company in Mississauga, ON

    “Playing under Coach Matt has been an awesome experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to pick at his brain and learn how to make the game easier for myself and play more efficiently leaving the wasteful 6 second dribble moves behind. He really teaches his players how to read game situations and respond accordingly rather than just follow a system like robots. Being a very competitive person myself, he reflected the same competitive fire and was able to push me to be the best I could be. Coach Matt is an understanding and caring person beyond the court. We truly became close friends. I would recommend Coach Matt 100% to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.”

  • Gobi Thavaraj

    “I started playing basketball in grade 10, and because of my size I was always placed in the post. I always felt that I was more than that but never got the chance. Through O3P Academy, and playing for Coach Matt, I was able to develop a plan to expand my game. With this plan, and the opportunity that Coach Matt gave me, I have been able to develop outside of the post and can play the shooting guard position. I’ve been able to take my game to that next level in just under a year where I have won the most improved player on my high school team, I’ve become a leader on my rep team, and through O3P Academy I’ve been given the opportunity to play college basketball at St. Clair College in Windsor. I thank Coach Matt for everything he has taught me. Every session I have with Coach I am always learning something new and he has taught me how to quickly apply what I am learning with him to every game I play.”

  • Shane Singarayar - Point Guard: Averages 25 Points: 10 assists: 5 rebounds

    Basketball Development in Mississauga, ON

    “I started playing basketball at age 16. I was not very good but always had the drive to get better. I spent countless hours trying to improve my skill and understanding of the game. I eventually earned the opportunity to play for my high school basketball team as the 6th man. I also joined Coach Matthew’s travel team. Throughout the season, Coach Matthew showed me how to easily become a more effective basketball player. With his coaching, after 5 months it lead to our team winning bronze in OBAs. After the season, I decided to start training with Coach Matthew. He helped me read game situations more effectively, increased my 3-point range, improve my ball handling and continues to help me tackle my weaknesses. With his help, I now feel more confident with my shot and overall game. My shooting has improved so much that I won my first 3 point competition with ease. Coach Matthew is working with me to achieve my goal of playing basketball at a higher level. I believe if I continue with this training, I will achieve my goals throughout my basketball journey.”

  • Geeta Sharma - Parent

    Personal Basketball Trainer in Mississauga, ON

    “Coach Matt trains all his athletes with the mastery of discipline that leads them to accomplish their goals. Matthew is a very positive person. The environment he creates for his athletes just makes them want to work hard. He started training mt son a couple of months ago and we saw a huge improvement in his skills. We are glad we found Coach Matt and O3P Academy. Coach is passionate and with his track record of successful athletes, we are confident our son will succeed.”

  • Liban Sharmarke - Combo Guard: Averages 11 points:7 assists: 10 rebounds

    Personal Football Trainer in Mississauga, ON

    “I became one of the main options on my rep basketball and high school team because of the training I did with O3P Academy. I came to coach Matt 50 pounds overweight in the off season. With his program, I lost the weight in time to start the season. I highly recommend O3P Academy for serious players who want to improve. ”

  • Mark Lue-Hue - Point Guard: Averages: 28 points: 8 assists: 9 rebounds

    Basketball Training in Mississauga, ON

    “Through O3P Academy I was able to build a solid skill set, transform my body to compete and meet the physical demands of the game. I recommend O3P Academy for any athlete looking to follow their dream. With the years of training and guidance I received from Coach Matt, I was able to gain interest from over 15 post secondary schools in both Canada and the United States. Coach has always been able to identify small tweaks I could make in my technique and once I was able to get them down they improved my game more and more. Any child that starts training at an early age with Coach Matt will be unstoppable by the time they hit college.”

  • Parker Brooks - Point Guard: Averages 30 points: 8 assists: 4 rebounds

    Football Training in Mississauga, ON

    “I started training with O3P Academy in February 2014. When I began training, I did not know what to expect as I have never had a sports trainer before. After a few sessions, I felt more confident in my abilities. In the past 5 years, I played on school and Rep teams with different coaches. Coach Matt has shown me an easier way to play the game of basketball. He has been teaching me specific moves to improve my game and make others around me better. He makes the game easier. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about basketball and achieve my goal to play at a professional level. Now that I am approaching my college years, O3P Academy has helped me get in front of post secondary college coaches and has made several game tapes and highlight footage for me to show them that has drawn a lot of interest to me. With the O3P Academy strategy, I know I will be successful in reaching my goals.”

  • Sally Hughes - Parent

    Sports Trainers in Mississauga, ON

    “When I first met Matthew from O3P Academy, I was impressed with his dedication as a trainer. We were looking for someone with that amount of dedication as my son, for the last 5 years was so incredibly dedicated to Basketball. Coach Matt’s vast knowledge of the game and his interaction with the kids was impressionable. He goes above and beyond as a trainer, taking out of his personal time to ensure that each and every child understands the skills that he is instilling in them. I would definitely recommend O3P Academy for any sports training that you may require.”